Procedure & Fees for Portraits of People

I work exclusively from photographs, usually taken by myself at the client’s home. I like to photograph outside in at least two locations, though indoor sessions work as well. The session itself can take a few minutes to an hour.*

I use a digital camera which allows photos to be viewed on most modern TV screens. The client and I view the pictures, making sure there’s plenty of material to work with and tagging the preferred images. Sometimes the reference photos are chosen at this point, and I go home ready to get started. If not, I process the photos at home and send the best ones to the client via either email or post . Once she responds to me with her preference I can start.

Turn-around time is a month to a year, depending on my work load. The finished portrait will be delivered or mailed. Minor alterations are sometimes needed and always accomodated.

I typically require travel expenses plus a third down at the photo shoot, and the remainder upon completion.

*In some cases I will work from photos provided by a client. Digital cameras have made it possible to get very high quality pictures very simply. With some guidance from me a client is quite capable of taking workable photos.


Head & Shoulders.......... $1,200
Three Quarters................ $2,400
Full Figure...................... $3,500
Full Background............. variable
Miniature........................ variable (see below)

Travel expenses are related to the distance and method of travel, and number of subjects to be contracted.


  • Standard Size: Head size is 6-1/2 inches (from the top of the hair to the bottom of the chin) for the head and shoulders size portrait, 5 to 6 inches for the three quarters and full sizes and multiples. Finished size depends on the number of figures in the portrait, how much of each is included, and choice of matting and framing material. I work on paper that measures 20 by 26 inches (larger board for multiples), and the matted and framed piece is often close to this size.
  • Miniature: Miniatures are available for groups of three or more, in three-quarters or full sizes only, for half the cost of a standard sized portrait. Head size is 1-1/2 to 2-1/2 inches high. Finished size 8"x10" and up.

Reviewing digital photos on a client's TV


  • A non-refundable deposit of a third of the total price is collected when the terms of a commission are agreed on.

  • Full payment is due upon receipt of the portrait and satisfaction of the client.

  • After the work is received, the client has ten days to contact me if minor alterations are necessary.

  • Portraits are done in pastel on Canson paper or board, and are unmatted and unframed.

  • Portraits of multiple figures are available; the charge is per subject.